Welcome Windows 10

On Tuesday, September 30, Microsoft held an event in San Francisco to announce its next Windows operating system. While the name of the new OS was speculated to be Windows 9, Microsoft decided that counting is overrated and called it Windows 10.

The new OS is all about unifying the Microsoft products: “One product family. One platform. One store.” Windows 10 will have a tailored experienced between different screen sizes, but the code will run across all devices.

Microsoft is bringing back a few features of their past operating systems, including the beloved start menu from Windows 7. A combination of that start menu with the re-sizable tiles of the Windows 8 start screen makes for a nicely redesigned start menu in Windows 10.

On the new OS, you can now open apps in a windowed mode on the desktop, so it won’t be taking up the entire screen. It will also include the side-by-side view option from Windows 8. It will allow users to easily work on multiple desktops by grabbing apps from different desktops and moving them around. And while Microsoft is mostly focused on users who use the mouse and keyboard, it will also incorporate the touch screen functions for touch-enabled devices.

With this OS, Microsoft is working to appeal to enterprises, so it will include features that will let enterprises manage devices and customize their application store.

There’s no timeline for the release of Windows 10, but starting October 1, Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program will give users early beta software access to the new OS.

Only question left on everyone’s minds: What happened to 9?