5 Ways Managed IT Services Save Business Time


Managed IT services are quickly becoming the norm for today’s businesses. That’s mostly due to the amount of time managed services can save you over managing your own systems. Many companies have found that the small monthly expenditure it takes to hire a managed IT service pays for itself over and over in time, ease and productivity.

Here are 5 ways a managed service can save your business time.


Maintaining your IT system takes a huge amount of your IT department’s time but if it isn’t done, the downtime can cost even more and can cut into your profits and reputation. Every business relies heavily on its IT infrastructure. If you aren’t able to make calls or send emails it can have a devastating impact.

A managed IT service can take over the routine maintenance of your system, leaving your employees more time to carry out tasks more suited to their expertise. A service will perform regular checks and can identify potential problems before they happen, making your company more reliable and saving you time.


At the same time a vendor is maintaining your system it also makes the system more efficient by bypassing the break/fix loop that many companies get stuck in. This means that their infrastructure suffers more downtime, costs money and wastes time. A managed service provider gives you a safety net that means if there is a problem it can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Expert Team Access

Most SMB’s can’t afford a full time IT department – meaning other employees have to take on that role when it isn’t their job. Juggling their own work with the added IT can mean they fall behind and projects aren’t completed in time.  By hiring a service provider, you have access to expert staff whenever you need them leaving your other employees to finish their own work and saving you time and effort. If your system went down without the backup of a vendor, you could waste valuable time finding the right repair service at the right price.


Having up-to-date cybersecurity is essential for today’s businesses, with hackers finding new and faster ways to corrupt your system and steal data. Top of the line defense can be expensive and not all companies can afford it but with a service provider, the cost is included in the monthly payments. Most vendors offer BDR services on top of the usual spy and malware protection and firewalls – something every business should have. How much time would be wasted if your system went down with no backup in place?

Since your provider would be familiar with the way your company works, they can help you find the right products to improve your computer systems and automatically add them as a part of their service – keeping you constantly up to date with new software that is flexible enough to enable growth, or if need be, scaling down for a while. New software packages can be very expensive, and not all companies can compete with larger businesses in this way, costing time and money.

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