Signs Your Business Needs IT Support

Many Chicago-based companies open their doors without the assistance of a provider of information technology support. As the companies grow, however, many of them eventually experience the need for third party IT assistance. Unfortunately, the signs that assistance is needed are often overlooked, especially if users are accustomed to the IT network operating ineffectively. Does your business need assistance? Below are four signs that it does.

Slow Software Applications

Slow software applications are annoying, but over the course of time, they can be more than just irritating; they can also decrease productivity. Through the months and years, slow applications can be responsible for an imperceptible drop in productivity. Receiving the applications from a third party on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model can increase loading speed significantly.

Problems Slowly Addressed

What happens when your company experiences a network problem that occurs after hours? Does the problem remain until the start of the next business day? If so, outsourcing IT support to a provider that monitors the network around the clock is the best solution. When a system alarm occurs, the provider can use automated diagnostic tools to resolve the problem remotely, or deploy technicians to your location if necessary.

Too Many Variable Expenses

Is it hard to predict how much your company will spend on certain IT expenses annually? If the answer is yes, receiving IT systems on a hosted basis could be the solution. Third party IT services typically charge a flat monthly fee for the services they provide. Consequently, implementing systems on a hosted model is an great way to turn variable expenses into ones that are fixed.

Stretched IT Budget

Is your company’s infotech budget perpetually stretched to the limit? If so, implementing certain IT systems (e.g. the server system and the business telephone system) on a hosted model could significantly reduce annual infotech expenses. In a hosted model, the service provider owns the hardware and software that comprise the system, and handles all maintenance issues.   


Slow software applications, network problems that are slowly addressed, too many variable IT expenses, and a stretched IT budget are four obvious signs that your company could benefit from receiving IT assistance from a provider of information technology support in Chicago. For more information about the advantages of receiving third party IT support, contact Stratosphere Networks at 877-599-3999 or email for free consultation.