How To: Reduce IT Costs

IT is the bedrock on which many companies are built. Consequently, the IT budget is a common cost cutting target. The challenge, of course, is to reduce IT costs without jeopardizing productivity. Outsourcing IT functions to a qualified third party is one of the easiest ways to do this. Your company may currently perform IT support in-house, but outsourcing the function can yield several important cost saving opportunities, four of which are listed below.

Reduced Hardware Maintenance

Implementing IT solutions on a hosted model is an excellent way to eliminate the upfront cost of hardware. In a hosted model, the service provider owns and maintains the system, charging you an affordable monthly fee. Examples of hardware that can be implemented on a hosted basis include servers, business telephone systems, and data storage silos, to name just a few.

Lower Payroll Expense

Outsourcing IT support can significantly reduce the number of technicians and systems administrators that are needed onsite. For example, outsourcing desktop management, server management, and telephone system management to a provider that performs 24/7 remote monitoring decreases the need for onsite diagnostics. The provider resolves majority of system alarms remotely.

Increased Productivity

The 24/7 remote monitoring capability of the service provider results in system issues being addressed when they arise, not at the start of the next business day. The provider’s ability to diagnose and resolve most issues remotely, and its ability to deploy technicians to your location on short notice, results in more uptime for the network, which has a direct impact on productivity.

Low Upfront Expense

Outsourcing IT needs on a hosted model costs less than implementing them in-house. For example, implementing a virtualized server system on a hosted model eliminates the need to purchase servers, maintain them, and replace them at some point in the future. If your company needs to rein in IT expenditures, implementing systems on a hosted model is an excellent cost saving solution.


Reduced cost of hardware maintenance, lower payroll expense, increased productivity, and lower upfront expense on IT implementations are four reasons to consider outsourcing IT support. If you aren’t sure whether outsourcing IT support is a good option for your company, schedule an appointment with an IT consultant at Stratosphere Networks today to investigate the matter in depth. Our expert consultants will help you target IT functions that make the most sense for your company to outsource on a long-term basis.