Mobile Microsoft Office

Last year, Microsoft released apps for iPhones, Androids and iPads for their Office Suite. However, it required an Office 365 subscription in order to actually edit Word documents. Not being able to edit or store documents made user experiences far from productive, which is why Microsoft has changed their tune.

On November 6, Microsoft announced that mobile users will no longer need a paid subscription to edit and store documents. iPhone users can now download new, individual apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint  to replace the original Office Mobile app.

Users will be able to not only edit text, but also create slideshows, format spreadsheets, and access all editing tools such as fonts. And while working in documents on a small mobile screen sounds difficult, Microsoft is introducing a feature called “reflow view”. “Reflow view” blows up the document and makes it scroll friendly, allowing for easy edits and selections.

Paid Office 365 subscribers will have added benefits of advanced editing and collaboration capabilities. The subscription also comes with unlimited OneDrive storage, chart element customization and Dropbox integration.

Similar apps for Android will be coming soon and Microsoft is now accepting signups for the Android tablet version. Users that sign up will be able to start testing next month. And once released, the tablet version of Microsoft Office for Android will support KitKat and above.