How Managed IT Can Benefit your Chicago Business


Information technology has experienced rapid growth throughout the years, and there’s no sign its stopping. From mobile communication to ease of sharing project files, there’s never been an easier time to increase productivity. But with this tech, a company might find itself incurring some pretty big maintenance and infrastructure costs, along with the myriad of problems which can arise from hardware/software in general.

Often, a company will outsource their IT. Some of the biggest reasons are for increasing production and cutting costs. Because you’re working with a solid third party, these savings come from a variety of factors.

For example, downtime on your end can be pricey. Without proper IT, the cost to repair and restore services can get hefty, not to mention potential profits lost during this downtime. Additionally, a managed provider is paid to consistently monitor your networks and adapt to changes or problems on the fly. A good provider will assess these issues quickly and offer constant communication and support, allowing your company to rectify issues as soon as possible.

Let’s assume you’ve gone with a solid provider. If you’ve read other articles, you might be familiar with some qualities to avoid with an MSP.  That being said, there are many more benefits with managed IT. For instance, third party companies often have expert teams which deal with a myriad of problems. Each business they work with has their own unique needs and often unique problems. This means outsourced IT has to adapt and employ creative solutions. This experience, then, transfers to your own needs. Issues you encounter that could stump on site staff may have already been solved by your service providers. Additionally, the extra experience with outside eyes allows for fresh takes on difficult problems, getting you back on track that much quicker.

You also save costs with flat, predictable expenses. In the best case scenario, there’s no smokescreen and your chosen MSP will specifically tell you the costs incurred with services given. Rather than the fluctuating costs of maintaining internal infrastructure, you get maintenance at less expenditure with predictability, allowing you to plan ahead safely.

Another big way savings come in is with hardware maintenance and software emulation. If your company relies on a program which has licensing or product keys, it’s better to pay for one and have a third party emulate the software for all your on location computers. They keep the software updated and your current hardware is taxed less, meaning there’s no need for an upgrade to hardware on a frequent basis.

Of course, these are all just a few reasons why having a great and professional outsourced service provider can really put savings back in your pocket. There are many to choose from in the Chicago area, but if you’re looking for additional information, Stratosphere Networks can help.  Contact us today at (877)599-3999 or fill out our contact form.