Celebrate Earth Day with Green IT

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April 22nd is the day we all celebrate International Earth Day. But, as a matter of concern, we think we should celebrate the existence of Mother Nature every day. From caves to compact labs, we have made it possible to explore the globe from our living rooms, thanks to the developments in technology. But, have you ever thought that if we all still lived in caves and hunted in the wild, our planet would be so much greener and healthier.

If we were perhaps not evolved so much, maybe the earth would be a better place to live. But today, something is defined as better only if it scores good grades on the scale of technology. Technology has taken over many aspects of our lives, including education, entertainment, communication, travel, research and comfort to name a few. There are numerous benefits to all this technology, but where there is light, the darkness follows and there are downsides to technology as well.

The rate at which the technology is growing at is taking a toll on our precious planet, and this may lead to the end of our human race. To save this planet for future generations, we need to ensure we do not completely degrade the other earth. Humans keep mining the earth’s crust for minerals and metals to keep up with the demands of an ever increasing population.

People are familiar with the reuse and recycling of plastic, paper, and wood. But when it comes to old electronic products not many are aware of the recycling options. To save time, many consumers just dispose of these electronics in the regular garbage; this garbage then gets taken to dump yards. But, have you ever considered that this electronic waste is causing much harm to the earth? If not, then it’s high time to take these concerns gravely. This E-waste can potentially lead to a barren earth and the chemicals present in this waste can lead to poisons in the soil that in the future may lead to incurable diseases.

To save the planet from becoming an unhealthy and poisonous dump yard, here are a few facts that you should consider doing to keep the earth healthy and green:

Use Green Apps

Since you carry your phone almost everywhere with you, you can download some apps like ‘Paperkarma’ and ‘Green Gumshoe’ to help you create less waste. These apps will help you monitor your daily activities and guide you when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Power

Though the implementation of solar power may cost you a little more than using the usual power issues, it will help you to save and create sustainable energy in the long run.


This planet is your home, and it is your responsibility to take care of it. Reduce the consumption of plastics and electronics and reuse everything possible. And if you are confused about how best to recycle your E-waste, use the technology available to locate a recycling center near you where you can dispose of the electronic items that you no longer need.