Chicago IT Support: How to Choose a New Service Provider

There are various reasons why a business may need to find a new provider of IT support in Chicago, and not all of them are bad. In some cases, a company simply moves in an IT direction that the current provider doesn’t specialize in, and needs to part ways with the provider to find a more viable support option.

Regardless of why a business needs search for a provider of Chicago IT Support, there are some helpful tips for doing so that tend to apply to all situations. If your Chicago-based business needs a new IT support provider, take some time the read through the helpful tips below.

  • Review the Early Termination Clause: Many IT contracts contain an early termination clause that applies to both service provider and customer. Whichever party cancels the service contract typically owes the other party some amount of compensation to help offset the money that is lost due to the cancellation. Before you decide to exit the contract early, be sure that you understand your financial responsibilities.
  • Give Advanced Notice of Cancellation: Early termination clauses often establish a timeframe in which the party that cancels the contract must give advanced notice of cancellation. Providing between 30 days and three months of advanced notice is rather common. Advanced notice of cancellation serves an obvious purpose: It helps the service provider find new customers before you leave the fold.
  • Define What You Need From a Provider: One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make whenconsulting with a provider of IT services is not knowing what they need from the company. Instead, they expect the provider to tell them what they need. While the provider will indeed make final recommendations, knowing what you need from the provider — even in the most general sense — helps facilitate the consultation process.
  • Investigate the Credentials of a Provider: Before you sign a service contract, you want to be sure that the provider’s customer service is as good as advertised. Two effective ways to do this are speaking with an extended set of customer references and checking the company’s record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Taking these steps will help you find a provider that truly places the needs of clients first.
  • Contact Stratosphere Networks: Switching to a new IT service provider can be an anxious situation, but if your current provider fails to meet your needs, it is a move that you should make. If you are looking for an experienced provider of IT support in Chicago that offers a broad range of services that you can implement at any time, using Stratosphere Networks as your trusted support provider is an excellent option.


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