BYOD and its Benefits

Laptops network

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is already happening in every workplace; no one purposefully leaves their phone at home any more. Many of us carry a tablet or other tech around with us too and use them at while at work. For businesses that allow and encourage this, there are a lot of benefits.

Employees Love It

There are many benefits to adopting BYOD. Employees are happier using a device that they are used to and will most likely take better care of their own equipment than they would yours. Allowing employees to use their own tech means they already know how to use it, so you won’t need to provide any training for new office based systems.

Save Money on Consumer Level Software

Personal devices are more likely to have more up to date software on them, saving you money on both hard and software packages. They’ll probably already be insured – although working something out that both you and your employees are happy with here would be a definite plus. As the device doesn’t belong to your company, getting it repaired or replaced wouldn’t be your responsibility or come out of your budget. Keeping the current hardware you use in the office for emergencies will ensure that tech is available should any accidents happen.

Save Money on Hardware and Usage

Yes, you may have to pay for data and voice plans to be used when employees are out of the office, but that’s still cheaper than having to cover the costs of buying office hardware for everyone, getting it insured and regularly updating it. And the point is that they would be available outside the office to both you and your customer base. Emails and phone calls can be answered quickly, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates – no one likes waiting for somebody who’s out of office ‘but should be back soon’. It also means that if needed, work can be done from home, especially over weekends and late nights, saving money on office maintenance costs such as electricity.

Facilitate Cloud

BYOD also works very well as an integral part of a cloudcentric business. Any developments happening when an employee is out of the office can be instantly reported and updated – plus any information they may need is immediately available, leading to higher productivity.

Remember Security

If you decide that BYOD is right for your needs, updating your security measures is a must. There are two main options to consider – MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management). MDM focuses on ensuring that all devices using the company network are fully integrated, monitored, running smoothly and secure. This also covers any apps that are used as a part of your business. Whilst MAM also ensures that your devices are synced and secure, its expertise is apps. MAM can help you set up your system, distribute and manage any new software and ensure that all of your sensitive data is fully protected. An amalgamation of the two would be ideal, and is the most popular.