The Apple Watch Unveiled

On September 9, 2014 Apple held a greatly anticipated event to unveil their new devices: the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. In regards to the Apple Watch, Apple CEO Tim Cook told the audience that this product is “an entirely new product. We believe this product will redefine what people expect from its category.” So what exactly can people expect from this new wearable?

The Apple Watch works with an iPhone and is compatible with an iPhone 5 and above. There are up to 34 different options to choose from, with three different collections and a variety bands for each. There’s the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. The Apple Watch is meant to replace the everyday watch, while the Apple Sport Watch is for the people who want to focus on the fitness and health features. The Edition will be a much more expensive option, made out of 18-karat gold or rose gold. All of the watches are protected by sapphire glass.

When it comes to features, the Apple Watch has interesting ways of communication. The digital touch allows users to draw images to friends. The Taptic Engine alerts users of notifications with a simple tap, and allows users to send taps to get a friends attention. You can receive calls and texts, as well as use a walking talkie to send quick voice message to other users.

Users can access Siri and get directions via the new Maps feature. Apple has also introduced Apple Pay, the virtual wallet that digitizes banking information and can be used at various businesses, such as Whole Foods, Duane Reade, Macy’s and more. For convenience, the Apple Watch will have a sensitive automatic display that automatically turns on when your wrist is raised, and lets you ignore calls by just covering the display with your hand. It can also connect to Apple’s Health app, making the watch perfect for tracking all things health and fitness related.

Pricing for the Apple Watch starts at $349 and is slated for an early 2015 release.